CURRENT DUO (2018-Present)

ER35 "The Debussy EP" DL (Excepter Records) 2019 here

SECOND QUARTET (2011-2018)

ER34 "STREAM 88" DL (Excepter Records) 2018 here

ER32 "ABRIL'14" DL (Excepter Records) 2018 here

ER33 "ABRIL20" DL (Excepter Records) 2018 here

ER31 "The Sejero Box" EP (Excepter Records) 2015 here

ER19 "Familiar" LP/CD (Blast First Petite) 2014 here

ER26 "The Stand" EP (Dekorder) 2014 here
ER29 "Christisland" EP (Escho/Cejero) 2013 here

SEXTET (2007-2010)

ER20 "STREAMS 2" 4CD (Phantasma Disques) 2015 here 

ER24 "Maze of Death" CS (Dog Daze Tapes) 2011 here

ER22 "LATE" EP (Woodsist) 2010 here
Excepter Vs. Pseudo Code Split 3"CD (777 was 666) 2010 here

ER21 "Equinox" CS (Temple of Pei) 2010 here

ER17 "Presidence" 2CD (Paw Tracks) 2010 here

STEPS: La Sala Rossa CDR (Abandon Ship) 2010

ER15 "Zion" CS (Skrot Up) 2009 here

REMIX 12” (FRKWYS/rvng) 2009 here

ER18 "Black Beach" 12"+DVD (Paw Tracks) 2009 here

ER04 "Debt Dept." LP/CD (Paw Tracks) 2008 here

ER16 "'Burgers" 12" (Paw Tracks) 2007 here

QUARTET (2005-2006)

ER14 "OP" DL (Excepter Records) 2011 here

ER10 "STREAMS 01" 2CD (Fusetron) 2007 here

ER12 "KKKKK" EP (Paw Tracks) 2007

ER09 "Tank Tapes" CS (Fuck It Tapes) 2007 here

ER05 "Alternation" 2LP/CD (Fusetron/5RC) 2006 here

ER11 "Sunbomber" EP/CD (5RC) 2006 here

QUINTET (2002-2005)

ER28 "ALT" DL (Excepter Records) 2011 here
ER27 "OUT" DL (Excepter Records) 2011 here
ER13 "OD" DL (Excepter Records) 2011 here

ER08 "The Troglodytes" EP (Hoss) 2006

ER03 "Self Destruction" LP/CD (Fusetron) 2005 here

ER07 "Throne" CD (Load) 2005 here

ER06 "Obedience" CS (777 was 666) 2005

ER02 "Vacation/Forget Me" EP (Fusetron) 2004 here

ER01 "KA" LP/CD (Fusetron) 2003 here

ER00 "AG" CDR (no label) 2003 here